You’ve trained hard all off season. Now that the competitive season has begun, how do you maintain your hard earned results? What good is it for an athlete to be their strongest, quickest, and most powerful at the beginning of season, only to see those gains slowly deteriorate as the season progresses?

Are you interested in:

*   How to maintain or even increase strength during season

*   How to decrease risk of injury

*   How to preserve gains in speed and power

*   Perform at optimal levels all season long

The In-Season Training Manual is 256 pages of research backed, field tested information aimed at taking the guesswork out of your In-Season Training.

What you can expect:
          Chapter 1:  Performance Deterioration
          Chapter 2:  In-Season Strength
          Chapter 3:  In-Season Weight Maintenance
          Chapter 4:  In-Season Power
          Chapter 5:  In-Season Functional Strength
          Chapter 6:  In-Season Nutrition
          Chapter 7:  In-Season Injury Management
          Chapter 8:  In-Season Game Day Tips
          Chapter 9:  In-Season Programming for Sport
          Chapter 10: Exercise Techique and Demonstration

           The In-Season Training Manual  

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The In-Season Training Maual is the first manual dedicated to the often overlooked topic of training during the competitive season.  Written by Jason Shea M.S., the owner of APECS corp., PICP Level IV International Strength Coach, College Professor, Massachusetts Municipal Police Statewide Health and Wellness Coordinator, the In-Season Training Manual is a 256 page comprehensive guide to In-Season Training. 7 years in the making and backed by scientific literature, The In-Season Training Manual takes the guesswork out of in-season training.


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As an thlete, maintaining strength gains made during the offseason is a must. I found that many training programs that I recieved from coaches were causing me to lose strength and muscle mass during the season. This manual provides athletes with sport specific workout programs, nutritional tips, game-day prep tips, and so much more. Athletes should read this manual so they can maintain strength throughout the season, perform at their highest levels, and prevent injury. Engaging in a proper strength and conditioning program throughout the season helped me earn many post season accolades, including All-American honors. Do not let all the hard work and hours in the gym during the off season go to waste. I highly recommend this book for all athletes and coaches.

Mike Lane Division III Academic All-American Football Player
As a youth coach and parent of three AAU athletes keeping my kids strong throughout their season is critical to their health and success.  The In-Season Training Manual gives them a way to maintain their off-season strength gains which helps them perform better on the court and on the field.  This book is a must read for any parent interested in helping their athlete perform at their highest level! Paul Youth Baskeball and Baseball Coach

In the world of club sports, playing at the highest levels of competition has become increasingly more difficult. To compete in modern day club sports, athletes need to take their in-season training just as serious as their off-season preparation. My two daughters have benefited greatly from the cutting edge tips and training methods outlined in "The In-Season Training Manual".  Often times people think that top athletic performance is based on genetics without realizing the role hard work and smart training plays in success. I highly recommend this book to parents and coaches. Scott C Father of 2 Club Soccer Players

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